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SOCIALCARBON: Low Carbon, High Inclusion
In Brazil, the agricultural sector is the second largest emitter of greenhouse gases, contributing significantly to the effects of climate change. Despite this, the sector presents many opportunities for improvement through activities like reclamation, tillage, and manure treatment. For rural farmers, however, it is difficult to benefit from the commercialization of these activities- reducing their incentive to take action.

To overcome these challenges, the Ecologica Institute is launching: “SOCIALCARBON – Low Carbon, High Inclusion.”. The program will establish a framework that uses carbon credit revenues as an incentive for rural landowners to reduce their carbon emissions. The project will reduce greenhouse gases and create a low-carbon economy, and promote sustainable practices in the agriculture sector through capacity building and the financial incentive of carbon credits.

Main outcomes of project activities will be:

  • Published study on the applicability of carbon credits in the agriculture sector
  • Methodology to analyse project viability
  • Capacity-building workshop for host community of first project site
  • Waste management project activities on 10 swine farms in the state of Santa Catarina
  • 3 capacity building workshops in the states of Santa Catarina, Tocantins and Minas Gerais
  • Identification of 5 new projects
  • Portal to divulge project information and join partners

Sponsorship Benefits

Sponsoring “Low Carbon, High Inclusion” benefits all project stakeholders – including sponsors. Investments in project activities are:

  • Communicable: Activities result in environmental, social, and economic benefits that are measurable, verifiable, and reportable
  • Impactful: Project activities benefit numerous actors
  • Recognized: Project will be publicized, with sponsor logo placed in project communication materials. Sponsor also gains the rights to use the SOCIALCARBON logo
  • Integrated: Sponsor can incorporate project activities into their corporate sustainability strategy by purchasing the credits generated by project activities. The sponsor is able to offset their emissions with the actions they initiated

For more details on project activities and sponsorship opportunities, please contact:

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