Ecologica Institute

Established in 2000, the Ecologica Institute (IE) is the first Brazilian NGO specialized in climate change. As a non-profit independent organization, its  mission  is to reduce the effects of climate change through scientific research activities, environmental preservation, and the support and establishment of sustainable development programs with local communities. The main activities of IE are currently centered around the area of Bananal Island, located in the Southwest region of Tocantins State known as the Cantão. The region gathers three important ecosystems – the Amazon, Pantanal and Cerrado biomes. For this reason, the area was strategically chosen by IE to host its climate change projects and for the development of its research centers on climate change and biodiversity. IE’s contribution to mitigating climate change in this region include:

Scientific Research

  • 3 research centers established in the North of Brazil: the Canguçu Center, the Ecotropical Research Center, in Taquarussu, and the Rural Technology Center,  in Pium.
  • 46 studies published on conservation and climate change

Environmental Conservation

  • 2,323 native hectares preserved
  • 300 hectares forest restored

Community-Based Projects

  • 6,480 people trained in sustainable practices and environmental issues
  • 110 families included in sustainable market activities

IE is renowned as the pioneer organization devoted to carbon sequestration projects in Brazil, more specifically on the island of Bananal. It relies on the involvement with the local community to generate innovative solutions as well as promising and lasting results.. The experience fromthese projects led to the creation of the SOCIALCARBON Methodology, which is designed to achieve sustainable development goals through actions that mobilize local communities and promote social andeconomic responsibility. The methodology is based on the Sustainability Hexagon, a tool that assesses six different sources throughout the development of the emission reduction project: carbon, biodiversity, social, financial, human and natural aspects. Considering its comprehensive and dynamic qualities, the SOCIALCARBON Methodology can be implemented both in local communities and in enterprises with reliable and efficient outcomes.

The development of the SOCIALCARBON Methodology also enabled the establishment of a VER Standard (Verified Emission Reduction Standard) – SOCIALCARBON – which identifies and certifies the VERs generated through the employment of such technique.

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