Role of SOCIALCARBON Standard for consolidating a green economy and promoting technology transfer

The Brazilian magazine Plurale, specialized in Corporate Sustainability issues, published an article that assesses the importance of carbon markets  in a  green economy strategy. The article highlighted the role of technology transfer and innovation for small and micro companies in middle income and LDC countries. The SOCIALCARBON Certification, due to its flexible and inclusive nature, allows enterprises that would otherwise be excluded from carbon markets to have an opportunity in implementing cleaner and more sustainable technologies. The article mentioned the example gave by Professor Stuart Hart, from Cornell University, who studied several technologies that, with the right investment, could bring sustainability for companies and haste the consolidation process of a green economy. The process would be more effective if combined with other expensive techniques related to energy generation and distribution in larger companies.  SOCIALCARBON is widely recognized by increasing transparency  for projects in small companies located in least developed regions,  such as the North and Northeast regions from Brazil, which enhance credibility for investors and carbon credits buyers. On the other hand, the certification is also used for certifying renewable energy projects in larger companies, increasing social and environmental benefits generated by clean energy production.  The article is available, in Portuguese, in the online version of Plurale magazine.