SOCIALCARBON Project is a part of BP’s Target Neutral Program for 2012 Olympics

Inspired by the global nature of London 2012, BP have put together a special portfolio of projects to offset carbon emissions associated with travel to the Games. As the first ever Official Carbon Offset Partner of a summer Games, Target Neutral is playing an important part in helping London 2012 achieve the ambition to deliver the most sustainable Games possible.

There are six projects in the portfolio, one for each continental region participating in the Games, showcasing a range of low carbon development initiatives.

South America’s project is the fuel switching project of Vila Nova, Nova Dutra and São Silvestre, certified by the SOCIALCARBON Standard. More information about the project at BP’s webpage here:

All projects selected for the BP Target Neutral 2012 Portfolio are subject to their stringent Target Neutral due diligence and are 100% compliant with the ICROA Code of Best Practice.

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