July 17th, 2013


The Ecologica Institute launched today the latest and renewed 5.0 version of the SOCIALCARBON® Standard (


The Social Carbon Team has elaborated, revised and improved the latest version of the well-known co-benefits Standard that is based on the sustainable livelihood principle.


The new version is expected to increase even more the effectiveness and the value added of the SOCIALCARBON emission reduction projects, as well as the benefits generated for communities and stakeholders of the project.


As announced at the Barcelona Carbon Expo, the 5.0 version of the Standard along with the VCS+SOCIALCARBON stream lining process and an innovative fundraising campaign integrate the core of the 2013 SOCIALCARBON strategy situating the Standard on the right path towards the future.


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The SOCIALCARBON Methodology resulted in the creation of a voluntary co-benefits standard – the SOCIALCARBON® Standard – which identifies and certifies VERs generated with the application of the methodology. The SOCIALCARBON Standard was developed to strengthen co-benefits of carbon offset projects and enhance active participation of stakeholders.


About Ecologica Institute


Established in year 2000, the Ecologica Institute (IE) is the first Brazilian NGO specialized in Climate Change. As a non-profit, independent organization, it has the mission of reducing the effects of climate change through scientific research activities, environmental preservation, and the support and establishment of sustainable development programs with local communities.

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