Biodiversity and Social Carbon cited as must-read for Brazil’s environmentalist

The book Biodiversity and Social Carbon, written by Divaldo Rezende and Stefano Merlin, tells the history about first application of SOCIALCARBON Methodology by Ecologica Insitute in forestry projects. The book explains the concept of SOCIALCARBON Methodology, including the Sustainable Livelihood Approach, and presents information regarding the importance of including communities in climate change mitigation projects and providing co-benefits for all stakeholders.Before Rio+20, the Brazilian Magazine O Globo interviewed empowered young people in Brazil about their shelf books, and they found that Biodiversity and Social Carbon is on the top of the most read list for young environmentalists in Brazil. Other books mentioned by Brazilian were the famous books Craddle to CraddleSilent Spring,The Web of Life, written by Michael Braungart, Rachel Carson and Fritjof Capra, respectively. To see the list with all the top-rated books, access: