Markit SOCIALCARBON Registry System

The SOCIALCARBON Registry offers VERS that make an effective contribution to sustainable development, adding value to projects that use the SOCIALCARBON® brand.

The SOCIALCARBON Registry is managed by Markit, an Environmental Registry service that allows accountholders to manage all their environmental credits.
It applies a unique serial number to each credit and enables transferring between sellers and buyers, providing full reporting for inquiries regarding traceability and transparency.

The Markit SOCIALCARBON Registry:

  1. Lists and manages full project details;
  2. Facilitates the issuance of SOCIALCARBON Credits;
  3. Converts SOCIALCARBON credits into saleable conservation units;
  4. Enables transferring of credits between seller and buyer;
  5. Withdraws SOCIALCARBON credits into a retirement account to endure that these cannot be re-sold.

SOCIALCARBON VCUs and VERs must be issued by Markit. After initial issuance, the credits may be transferred to other registries such as APX or Caisse des Dépôts.

SOCIALCARBON VCUs and VERs have to be issued at Markit. After initial issuance, the credits may be transferred to other registries such as APX and Caisse des Dépôts.

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SOCIALCARBON projects must present the following additional documents in order to obtain the SOCIALCARBON additional certification:

This document contains a brief description of the project activity, identification of social, economic and environmental impacts, and presentation of results obtained within the framework and assessment of SOCIALCARBON indicators.

a) At least one SOCIALCARBON Report must be elaborated per monitoring period of the carbon accounting standard (instead of one SOCIALCARBON report per year). With this new rule, it is possible to have less than one SOCIALCARBON report per year (data collected for the report, however, must be collected at some point during the corresponding monitoring period). Example:

SOCIALCARBON Report Period Monitoring Period (of the additional carbon accounting standard used)
SC Point 1 (2006-2007) MR* 1 (2006 – 2007)
SC Point 2 (2007-2008)  MR 2 (2007-2009)
SC Point 3 (2010-2011)  MR 3 (2009-2012)

*Monitoring Report

Validation/Verification of SOCIALCARBON Report

This is a report generated by a certifying entity that audits the SOCIALCARBON Report.

a) The SOCIALCARBON Report submitted for registration must be validated or verified by a Certifying Entity (Designated Operational Entity or other authorized organization).

To access a complete list of Certifying Entities please refer to:

b) The first Report issued by a Certifying Entity is called Validation Report. The following reports (second, third, etc) are called Verification Reports.

Terms & Conditions signed 

Project developers must sign this agreement by a legally entitled representative and provide a copy to Markit by uploading this document to the Markit Environmental Registry.

The project developer will provide a second copy to the Ecologica Institute via e-mail:

This agreement is project-specific and must be signed by each project proponent that will register a project.


Project developers pay an issuance fee of $0,02 USD per SOCIALCARBON credit issued. This does not include the fees paid to the carbon standard used in association with SOCIALCARBON or the fees for project validation/verification.