Authorized Developers

Organizations wishing to apply the SOCIALCARBON Standard must first implement SOCIALCARBON in a pilot project under the supervision of the Ecologica Institute for demonstration of capacity. During this process, the following steps must be completed:
1. Fill out and submit Form 1 (organizational information) which can be found here: FORM I 
2. Fill out and submit Form 1.1 (project information) which can be found here: FORM I.I
3. Submit the draft SOCIALCARBON report to
4. Submit the draft validation report to
Once these forms have been submitted, the organization will be approved by the Ecologica Institute and its information posted online.

São Paulo – SP, Brasil
Phone: +55 11 2649 0036
Sustainable Carbon
Sustainable Carbon, the first organization to be accredited by the Ecologica Institute to use the SOCIALCARBON Standard, is an environmental consultancy and the leading developer of voluntary carbon offset projects in Latin America. To date, the company has transacted more than 2.5 million credits from over 40 validated projects throughout Brazil and has between five to ten projects under development at any given time in communities across the Americas. Sustainable Carbon is also the first company to be accredited by SISA, the governing body for carbon offset projects in Acre, a hotspot for forestry project development.

Technopark 1, 8005 Zurich, Switzerland
Phone: +41 43 501 35 50
 South Pole Carbon Asset Management Ltd.
South Pole is one of the world’s leading high quality carbon offsetting companies with ten offices around the globe. In over 20 countries we enable the implementation and operation of high-quality projects that reduce greenhouse gases. Our portfolio comprises projects in the fields of renewable energy, forestry, energy efficiency, waste management, methane avoidance, and many other sectors.

Baba Efendi S. 5/2 Akaretler 34357 Istanbul, Turkey
Phone: +90 212 3270922
Mavi Consultants
Mavi Consultants provides services for private companies, development agencies and financial institutions to adopt sustainable development strategies and facilitate responsible business practices with a network of local and international partners. Mavi Consultants specialises in origination and commercialisation of emission reductions from high quality greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction projects. Mavi Consultants works with project developers starting from initial assessment, developing project documentation, steering the project through approval processes, monitoring and verifying GHG reductions.

Two Ravinia Drive, Suite 500, Atlanta GA 30346
Phone: +1-404-720-0813
EcoTech Timber
EcoTech Timber, Incorporated is an innovative forest management company using sustainable forest management techniques and pioneering technologies to tackle some of the planet’s most prominent issues.  By combining conservation of natural forests with technological advancements in renewable energies, plant ecology and others, EcoTech Timber is able to provide creative solutions for many conservation, social, development and economic problems.  EcoTech Timber’s concept is simple – to utilise available natural resources and to apply innovative concepts in order to address broad-scale environmental and social issues.  With proper forest management, significant social benefits can be provided in perpetuity without destroying ecosystems.

Güneykent sitesi 51. Cadde 116. Sokak no:56 Ahlatlıbel 06481 Ankara -Turkey
Phone: +90 312 4891338
EkobilEkobil is a consultancy company based in Ankara, Turkey. Established by two dedicated environmental specialists, Ekobil is providing tailored solutions to their customers since 1999. With more than a decade of hands on experience in the environmental consultancy business, Ekobil is now developing premium quality carbon projects and helping their customers differentiate their projects within many similar voluntary emission reduction projects. Ekobil is also helping their customers improve the sustainability aspects of their business, so that they get adapted to the new world trends.
Ekobil is in close collaboration with the major Turkish, and UK universities such as the Middle East Technical University, the University of Oxford and the University of Aberdeen and partners with experts from the academy as needed.

Turan Güneş Bulvarı 112/5 06550 Çankaya
Phone: +90 312 4919602
Turkuaz Energy and Carbon Asset Management Ltd
Turkuaz is a consultancy company with a focus on sustainable development and GHG reduction projects with its young and dedicated team and
its close technical and financial network covers leading experts Union Of Chambers Of Turkish Engineers And Architects, Academia and Turkish Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association to provide its customers global knowledge and definitely local insight. For ensuring the emission reductions generated from sustainability projects, Turkuaz involves in all stages of project cycle in the market and provides one-stop-shop.

#06-06, SIS Building, Leng Kee Road, Singapore- 159088
Phone: 65-63272490
Emergent Ventures International Pte. Ltd.
EVI launched its advisory business in the year 2004 to accelerate action for a sustainable planet by integrating innovative solutions in technology, policy and finance. Our service offering includes sustainability, climate change and renewable energy consulting to clients across the globe. At Singapore, EVI started its operations in 2008 and provides end-to-end services from carbon accounting & management advisory and carbon offset procurement to environmental sustainability & risk management advisory. EVI helps businesses assess their current and future carbon impact and develop a strategy for mitigating risks, and capitalizing opportunities. Our services provide strong linkage of environmental and sustainability issues with economic and social development aspects. We provide software solutions that help companies record, analyze, and monitor sustainability performance parameters as well as support structured disclosure of the same. We also help companies manage the above complexities related to stakeholder engagement and move up the stakeholder engagement maturity curve.

Cetin Emec Bulvari No: 19/18 06460,
Phone: +90 3124812142


FutureCamp Turkey
FutureCamp Turkey is a technology-oriented company offering consulting services in the following fields:
-Emission reduction projects: JI, CDM and VER;
-Climate strategy and climate offsetting;
-Carbon Advisory Service;
-Knowledge transfer;
-Development and support for renewable energy projects.
FutureCamp Turkey is the pioneer of carbon market in Turkey and by end of 2011 and assisted for more than 25 projects for registration under Gold Standard and VCS. These projects include wind, geothermal, hydro power and waste heat recovery projects.