The SOCIALCARBON® Standard contains the information necessary for prior analysis, post-evaluation, approval and registry of carbon-offset projects. It functions as a manual, and must be utilized as a reference by the experts responsible for preparation, monitoring and validation of a project.

Guidance Manuals:
The document below provides orientations on the criteria and procedures a project has to meet in order to become certified:

  • SOCIALCARBON_STANDARD_v-5-.0 [ English ]
  • Additional information for auditors of SOCIALCARBON Reports [ English ]
  • Basic Guidelines for SOCIALCARBON Assessment in PoAs or Bundling Projects [ English ]
  • SOCIALCARBON Project Financial Analysis [ English ]
  • VCS+SC Guidance Project Development Process, v. 3.0 [English]

Document Templates:
The documents below are templates for the SOCIALCARBON Report used to evaluate the project’s contribution to sustainable development.

  • SOCIALCARBON Reports Template, Version 4.0  [ English ]
  • Guidance for completing SOCIALCARBON Reports, Version 4.0 [ English ]
  • Template for reviewing existing indicators, Version 1.1 [ English ]
  • Template for submission of new indicators, Version 1.2 [ English ]
  • VCS+SC Monitoring Report Template, v. 3.0 [English]
  • VCS+SC Project Description Template, v. 3.0 [English]
  • VCS+SC Validation Report Template, v. 3.0 [English]
  • VCS+SC Verification Report Template, v. 3.0 [English]
  • SOCIALCARBON Hexagon’s Formula [English]

Approved Indicators:
The documents below set out the sustainability indicators and how to apply them, according to the type of project.

  • Indicators for Grouped Hydropower Plants in Chongqing, Yunnan, Sichuan and Guizhou Provinces , P. R. China, Version 1.1, July 2015 [English]
  • Industries of the Ceramic Sector, Version 8.2 [ English ]
  • Indicators for Forest Projects, Version 2.1 [ English ]
  • Indicators for Landfill, Version 1.1 [ English ]
  • Indicators for Hydropower Plants, Version 4.1 [English]
  • Indicators for Micro and Small Scale Hydropower Grouped Project, Version 1.1 [ English ]
  • Indicators for Indicators for Efficient Lighting PoA and Bundled Projects, Version 1.0 [ English ]
  • Indicators for Fuel Switching Projects, Brazil [ English ]
  • Methane avoidance through composting in small and medium sized swine farms, Brazil [English]
  • Indicators for Red Ceramic Factories, Brazil [ English ]
  • Indicators for an Amazon REDD Project [English ]
  • Indicators for Santa Catarina Composting Project Version 1.1 [ English ]
  • Indicators for REDD + SFMP, Version 1.2 [ English ]

Indicators adapted:
The documents below are indicators adapted to specific projects, based on SOCIALCARBON approved indicators.

  • Indicators adapted for 4.50 MW Akkihebbal Mini Hydel Scheme in Karnataka, India [English]
  • Indicators adapted for Cakit Hydropower Plant Project, Turkey [ English ]
  • Indicators adapted for Darica-1 99 MW Hydro Power Plant Project, Turkey [English]
  • Indicators adapted for Arca Hydroelectric Power Plant Project, Turkey [ English ]
  • Indicators adapted for Energy-efficient Lighting System in the Donetsk Region [ English ]
  • Indicators adapted for Multiple Hydroelectric Power Plant Projects, Turkey [ English ]
  • Indicators adapted for Göktaş-I and II Hydro Electric Power Plant, Turkey [ English ]
  • Indicators adapted for Gunder HPP Run-of-River Hydro Project, Turkey [ English ]
  • Indicators adapted for Damlapinar HPP, Turkey [English]
  • Indicators adapted for Kepeskaya HPP, Turkey [English]
  • Indicators adapted for Alkumur HPP, Turkey [English]
  • Indicators adapted for Kumkoy HPP [English]
  • Indicators adapted for Niksar HPP [English]
  • Indicators adapted for Yamanli III [English]
  • Indicators adapted for Bucakkısla HPP Run-of-River Hydro Project [English]
  • Indicators adapted for Boyabat Hydroelectric Power Plant [English]

Indicators submitted to approval or under consultation proccess:

Under Consultation:


Application Forms:

  • FORM I – Authorized Developers; Organization Information [English]
  • FORM I.I – Authorized Developers; Project Information [English]
  • FORM II – Certifying Entity [English]

Communications materials:

  • Powerpoint: SOCIALCARBON – Introduction [ English ]
  • Powerpoint: SOCIALCARBON – Technical guidance [ English ]
  • Powerpoint: SOCIALCARBON – Criteria and procedures for certification [English]
  • SOCIALCARBON Brochure [English]

SOCIALCARBON Endorsements:

  • Use of CCB Standards and SOCIALCARBON Standard by ICROA Members: Policy Paper [ English ]

Books and publications:
The documents below are publications of the Ecologica Institute detailing its experiences with the application and replication of the SOCIALCARBON Methodology

  • SOCIALCARBON: Adding Value to Sustainable Development (book) [ English | Portuguese ]
  • Multiplier’s Manual on SOCIALCARBON Methodology [ Portuguese ]
  • REDD Financial Feasibility Assessment Tool [ English ]
  • State of the Voluntary Carbon Markets 2011 [ English ]
  • State of the Voluntary Carbon Markets 2012 [ English ]

Academic papers and articles:

  • Brazilian NGO Creates Innovative Social Carbon Methodology [English]
  • Biodiversity and Social Carbon [Portuguese]
  • Beneficiaries of CDM in Brazil: how small organizations are being included in the market [Portuguese]
  • Ceramic Industries in Brazil: an overview of the sector using the SOCIALCARBON approach [Portuguese]
  • Feasibility Study for Generation of Carbon Credits from Biofuels in Brazil [Portuguese]
  • Gender-Sensitive Carbon Offsets: A Scoping Study [English]
  • Views & Visiones – Conceicao Praun [English]
  • SOCIALCARBON Applicability in Ceramic Industries – Brazil [English]
  • SOCIALCARBON Applicability in HPP – Brazil [English]
  • Panorama dos Padrões para o Mercado de Carbono Voluntário no Brasil  [Portuguese]
  • Construção de indicadores para mensurar a contribuição de um projeto de redução de emissão em unidades suinícolas de produção familiar [Portuguese]
  • Mercado de Carbono em Aterros Sanitários Como Instrumento para Inovação em Serviços Públicos [Portuguese]
  • Public Service Innovation and Evaluation Indicators [English]